FCC Complaint Form (for Captioning Placement & Speed)
Use when complaining about placement of captioning (over sports scores or other visual information). Do not use to report locations that refuse to provide captioning.

Consumer Resources

FaceBook Page: Captions On Now!
Shows the history of a unique grassroots effort to require businesses with TV sets used by the public to display captions.
City of Portland Website on the Captioning  Ordinance:
Official Portland City government website on the captioning ordinance with a FAQ sheet, list of Benefits , procedure for Violations , and a list of Resources .
Captions On Now website
This website is a one-stop place for businesses, consumers, and advocates interested in making public TV sets accessible in Portland, Oregon or other places.
Document: Portland Businesses - How to Turn on Captions
A one-page PDF handout for customers to help their favorite businesses comply with the ordinance.
How to Comply